About us

Nour El huda Co. is a Egypt based company specializing in import and distribution of agricultural commodities and food ingredients from around the world as-

Nuts , dried fruits , seeds and milk powder. It is owned and managed by “ Mr. Nazih EL Attar “ with in depth knowledge and expertise of these products acquired over many years of supply experience and this has been recognized by many Egyptian wholesalers.

Nour El huda Co. respects the fact that customers have a sincere and legitimate interest in the behavior, belief and actions of the company behind products in which they place their trust. We always strive to uphold these values.

Nour El huda Co. was established in 1968 and progressively developed its business in various parts of the world including major suppliers in USA, Europe, Asia and South America.

Nour El huda Co. emphasizes on developing a trusted and long lasting relationship with its buyers and suppliers. The company has developed a reputation for consistently supplying quality products and honoring commitments even in case of extreme adversity.

We strongly believe in providing excellent customer service and updating our clients regularly about current market situation and future trends. Besides maintaining strong ties with our loyal and valued customers, we are always keen on expanding and exploring new markets and customers.