There are more than 30 different varieties of almonds—yes, really—and 10 of them comprise the majority of almonds produced in California. ....Read more


Cashews help lower cholesterol, improve heart health, add fiber and protein, and help control blood-sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. This wonderous fruit has antioxidants and is high in minerals and vitamins. ....Read more


Carefully choosing the best crops in orchards all over the world,
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Thanks to their rich and buttery flavour, Walnuts offer a unique taste sensation.
NOUR EL HUDA selects carefully picked premium Walnuts from only the best crops in the world at precisely the right moment. By storing them in ideal conditions, the nuts keep their natural properties. ....Read more


Hazelnuts are one of the most popular nut varieties in the world.
NOUR EL HUDA depends on only the finest selection from different countries. Picked when they have reached ideal ripeness, the hazelnuts are stored under the best conditions. The result is a premium fresh hazelnut. ....Read more